Energy in Building / Ahmad Azimi Bolourian
Books and Magazines / Translated by Hanieh Mansouri
Architecture and Civil Engineering development Center, and Advanced Architecture Workshops / Seyyed reza Hashemi
First seminar on the interaction of cinema and architecture
On the occasion of the first seminar On the interaction of cinema and architecture/ Bavand Behpoor
The fifth annual concrete day Award
Contemporary Iranian Architecture / Mahyar Hadighi
Critique & Theory
Architecture and the environment / Kamran Afshar Naderi
A Critical Introduction of Three sustainable buildings/ Mohammad Mohammadzadeh
Sustainable Building / Dietrich Schwarz / Translated by Azita Izadi
Solar Architecture: Research and Development / Stefan Behling, Andreas Fuchs, Tina Volz / Translated by Abbas Mokhber
Big ideas for a little planet / Russell Fortmeyer / Translated by Abbas Mokhber
Eleventh congress on passive- energy building in Bregenz
Re-evaluating the Architecture of 18th-19th-Century / Markus Ritter (Vienna) / Translated in persian by Yasin Doroudian
The Historical Fabric of Sousse / Zohreh Bozorgnia
Morocco / Soheila Beski
Two projects of Farhad Ahmadi:
I.R. Iran Chancery, Seul, South Korea
I.R. Iran ambassador residence, Seul, South Korea
Four projects by Saeid Mir Mohammad Sadeghi & Ladan Zarei:
Administrative complex Adab va Danesh educational institute
A villa in countryside
Administrative building
Mehr administrative building
Two Sport Complexes, Shora Consulting engineers:
Baravat Sport Complex
Fajr 2 Sport Complex, Bam
In the Solitude of the Rural Space, a Trip to Farashah, Ali Alavi Rad / Arash Okhovvat
Technical and Economical Comparisons and selecting Heating and Cooling Systems in Complexes and Towns / Heshmatollah Monsef
Geodesic Domes / Translated by Vida Makani
From Iran
Climatic Spaces in the Architecture of Iran / Faramarz Parsi
The Old Bazaar of Kashan / Babak Zirak
Designing for Need / Hassan Mehrabi
In the world
Burj al- taqa, energy tower for the middle east / Olaf Winkler / Translated by Abbas Mokhber
Secondary school, austria, Raimund Rainer / Translated by Azita Izadi
Nursing Home and Center for Senior Citizens, Austria, Dietger Wissounig / Translated by Azita Izadi
University building, Beijing, Mario Cucinella architects / Translated by Azita Izadi
Short News / Translated by Azita Izadi, Babak Peyvaste
Readers contributions
Doyenne of the drawing board, Zaha Hadid / Stephen Bayley / Translated by Babak Peyvaste
Peace & integration / Belinda Bamber / Translated by Sara Mortazavi