“Architecture is vessel of life”, In the memory of Soheila Beski

Critique & Theory

The Mechanism of the Twentieth Century and the Architecture of Aldo van Eyck/ Herman Hertzberger

Van eyck, according to pictures

Travels in search of the elementary/ Robert Mccarter

Martin Visser House Addition, Bergeyk, 1967-69

van eyck, Playgrounds, Amsterdam, Nl,1947-78

Hubertus house, Home for single parents and their children,Amsterdam, 1973-81

Our Vital defects and deficiencies/ Arash Okhovat

BAHONAR HOUSE, MALAYER, Reza Koulivand, Memar Award 2019, 1st place/ Text & Photo: Keyvan Salimi


From Iran

Shokatieh School, Birjand/ Zohreh Bozorgnia

dezful, forgotten ancient city/ Sara Attarroshan/ Photos: Mohammad Azarkish


Ramses Wissa Wassef Arts Centre,Giza, Egypt, 1974, Ramses Wissa Wassef

Halawa Residence, Agamy, Egypt, 1975, Abdelwahed Elwakil, Folkstone, England, Master mason: Aladdin Mustafa      

Stone Building System, Dar’a Province, Syria, 1990, Raif Muhanna, Ziad Muhanna, Rafi Muhanna            

Panafrican Institute for Development, Quagadougou,1984, adaua Burkina Faso

Wendell Burnette Architects, Arizona

Memar Award Projects, 2019

Books & Magazines

Attunement, Architectural Meaning after the Crisis of Modern Science/ Alberto Perez-Gomez