• Editorial
why alizadeh?/ Armand Dror
Mehdi Alizadeh on Memar magazine and soheila beski/ Armand Dror
•  Note
Architect of Society/ Mohammad Mohammadzadeh
•  Interview
Interview with Mehdi Alizadeh/ Mohammad Mohammadzadeh
An Architect Who Built Nothing for Himself/ Armand Dror
•  Project
Koohbor House/ Text & Photo: Babak Zirak
Design for University in Azimiyyeh District of Karaj/ Bernard Dror
Workers’ Bathhouse at Shahpoor Port, Beggar at the Doorstep/ Mohammad Mohammadzadeh
Alizadeh Houses
Exhibition Room & Gathering Halls of Export Promotion Centre in Tehran International Fair
Pardis Technology Park, Tehran
Tehran World trade Complex
Hadika, Tehran
asalouye guest house
bandar abbas guest house
•  critique & Theory
Strange details, A note on Nader Tehrani’s architecture/ Milad Zabeti
mehr-o-mah wcs, as a media!/ Arash Okhovat
The History of Iran’s Presence in Universal Expositions/ Elaheh Mohajer, Dr Vahid Parhoodeh
Architectural Education: What Education?/ Forough Haddad
•  From Iran
Allahverdi Khan Bridge or Si-o-Se-Pol, Isfahan/ Photo & Text: Babak Zirak
•  Competition
dolce vita interior design competition, 2017
Fusion of Borders, A ِِDesign from Iran, for the school without classroom competition, Berlin, Designer: Masoud Abedi Moghaddam
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