In Memory of Soheila Beski

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Editor’s Note/ Bahram Kalantari
• Editorial
The Skin is the Deepest Thing there is/ Fereshteh Assadzadeh
Copenhagenization or How to Be a Dane?/ Yegane Ghezellou
Chinese Originality/ Niloufar Niksar
Chinese Mass Production/ Tina Samie, Fereshteh Assadzadeh
On Ego-Centric Architects, Architecture as a Discipline and Production of Prototypes/ Rambod Ilkhani, Nashid Nabian: Shift Process Practice
The Battle of T’s/ Tina Samie, Fereshteh Assadzadeh
DESIGN MATTERS/ Arshia Mahmoudi/ Translated by Fereshteh Assadzadeh, Graphic: Shabnam Abtahi
Sanctum of the black forest/ Vista Kasraiian
Our generation on the verge of extinction/ Compilated & Composed by Sara Jafari, Golnaz Khosravani
Architecture and third world embracing eachother/ Amin Mousavi
Measuring The Economic Value of Investing in Architecture and Design/ Marc A. Sallette/ Translated by Azita Izadi
Beyond the Iceberg/ Padideh Teimourian, Fereshteh Assadzadeh
Value management In Design And Construction/ Compilated and translated by Fariba Kalantari76
It might get Loud/ Ali Moghaddam, Sina Ahmadi
Construction with an approach to development/ Zahra Mokhtarpour
The resurrection of Apollo/ Ramin Sadighi
Urbanism and overlap/ Ladan Sharifpour, Kourosh Fathi
Round Table; In pursuit of Quality
Cartoon: The Recipe for a good city/ Illustration: Nika Jazaei