A Brief Look at the History of grand Me`mar awards / Kamran Afshar naderi
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Iranian Architecture Workshop
The Historical Significant of day light in architecture / Pablo Buonocore / Translated by Elham Rezamand
An interview with hadi mirmiran
General Consulate of I.R.Iran in Frankfurt / Naqsh,e, Jahan-Pars Consulting Engineers
Works of Ali Kermanian
Some entries in grand Me`mar award 2004
Detail Award 2005 for Aesthetics and Construction / Translated by Bavand Behpoor
Artificial Illumination / Kamran Afshar Naderi
DayLight / Translated by Mohammad Mohammadzadeh
Artificial Lighting / Hasan Mehrabi
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Guiding Patterns in Ghajar Building Ornamentation and Architectural Design / Bavand Behpoor
The Namir Garden of Taft, Yazd / Pardisan project, iran cultural heritage organization / Faramarz Parsi
The Island of Gheshm / Soheila Beski
The Palace of the Sun or Kalat-e Naderi / Babak Zirak
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Venice architectural Biennale / Catherine Slessor / Translated by Farzaneh Taheri
The 8th Annual BW / AR Awards / jane f.kolleeny and audrey beaton / Translated by Farzaneh Taheri
Short news / Translated by Sayeh Darmani